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Skate's randomness page!
Need to remember These!!!
Caption contest! (Enter if you dare..)

01/16/03: Ha! The Humor page is aucually the Caption contest! (It's now up!)
01/16/03: Heh. I forgot to Publish the site yesterday. (Hey, I'm new at this.)
01/15/03: Shhh...Be quiet about this, But I'm making a Humor Section. It'll be done......uhhhhh....SOON!
01/15/03: hmmm....I've been Toying around with the Image editor... I might put a Humor page up... (you know...Funny pictures.)
01/14/03: The NEWS SECTION  Is now up. (Duh. If it wasen't up, Than what would you be reading?)

Yeah..Just Call me skate. (But my Friends call me Michael!)
.:Shutup you fool:.
***Blink*** Well, I've never heard my echo do THAT before...
.:I am not your echo, you fool:.
.:I am your computer:.

o.O; Oook.... Well, On to the rest of my site!
.:Your still a fool:.
Quit talkin' 'bout yourself. =P Well...
Anyway, I'm just gonna put random stuff on this page. (YAY!)
Watch this space!
This is skate, signing out.
.:This is Gannon the computer, Logging off:.

SHUTUP!!! Grrrrrrr... Stupid computer...
What kind of a name is Gannon?
::***Evil laugh***::

I Like Zoids. ^^ If you want an organoid like these, Click on Zeke. (The one at the top.) I removed the links that were on the other ones to save space.